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The Importance of Following a Vaccination Schedule

The Importance of Following a Vaccination Schedule

If you have kids, you’ve no doubt seen their vaccination schedule, with the list of vaccines and the ages at which they are supposed to be administered. Although some parents choose to delay some or all of these shots, many doctors still recommend that you follow the vaccination schedule as closely as possible in order to minimize your child’s risk of catching preventable diseases. Here are a few reasons why following this vaccination schedule can benefit both your child and your family.

Why You Should Follow a Vaccination Schedule

The best way to be sure you get all your vaccinations is to follow your doctor’s vaccination schedule. You may feel great knowing that you are one step ahead on your immunizations, but if you’re missing out on vaccines, what good does it do? If you don’t follow your doctor’s vaccine schedule, it could increase your risk for disease or even death. If you miss out on just one vaccination, there could be dire consequences.

What Causes Delays in Getting Vaccinated

People avoid getting vaccinated because they’re scared that it will cause them some kind of side effect. It’s important to follow a vaccination schedule, though, because otherwise you risk not being protected against diseases and conditions that can be deadly. As long as you get all your shots on time, there should be no reason for concern. In addition to tetanus, vaccinations protect against things like measles and whooping cough. Delaying vaccines can result in medical complications for both you and your children.

What to do when your child misses a vaccination

When you set out to immunize your child, it’s critical that you stick to a vaccination schedule. One common mistake many parents make is waiting too long between vaccinations. This can allow time for your child’s immune system to forget key information about certain infections and leave them vulnerable in case they come into contact with that disease in later life. While all these vaccinations won’t happen at once, they do represent an overview of what goes into most vaccination schedules

How can I find out what vaccinations my child has had?

Your doctor’s office should have all of your child’s vaccination records in their files, but they may not be able to answer all your questions. In order to find out exactly what vaccinations your child has had, you can contact a local public health agency or your state department of health, or you can call or email me for help!

Anaphylaxis and Epinephrine

We hear a lot about vaccines these days—not necessarily in a good way. Many people have concerns about them, but for those with food allergies or severe asthma, getting immunized is crucial to protecting against potentially deadly allergic reactions. If you have food allergies, you’ll likely want to get vaccinated against tetanus and anaphylaxis.

Consequences of Missing Vaccinations

Missing vaccinations—especially critical ones like tetanus shots—can have serious consequences, sometimes even resulting in death. To reduce your risk for illness, make sure you’re up-to-date on all of your vaccinations. A vaccination schedule will help you avoid missing any important shots and ensure that you stay healthy!


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