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The importance of the opinion of guardians in marriage

 The importance of the opinion of guardians in marriage

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Question: There is a girl who wants to get married of her own free will, so why is she bound by advice and permission? I think she should appreciate that she is so courageous, please guide me in this regard?


 The Shari'ah has allowed a sane adult girl to form an opinion regarding her marriage, and has not allowed the guardian to coerce or coerce her, which is why if a sane adult girl If the marriage is performed without permission, then the marriage is suspended with his permission, but it is better for him to perform all the affairs of his marriage through the guardian or with the advice of the guardian, because this is the duty of civilized families. Girls have habits and customs.

The need for advice from a guardian is also due to the fact that a person needs advice even when he has attained the highest position of worldly perfection or authority or has reached the end of his life. Consultation is bound, a style of government based on individual opinions and decisions is not preferred, even if it results in outward happiness, consultation leads to different directions and ways, and the decision is even better.

The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) himself, who is the best manipulator and sage of humanity, Allaah has commanded you in the Qur'aan to consult with his Companions, may Allaah be pleased with them. "And keep asking them for advice on certain things." On the contrary, the individual and collective important affairs of Muslims are decided by consultation. (In which there is no definite text) is done by mutual consultation. "

Therefore, a girl who is inexperienced due to her young age, unfamiliar with people's habits and traits, does not know the cunning and deceit of men and has never been exposed to the selfishness and cruelty of the outside world. How can that forgotten girl decide her own destiny alone? While this decision has not only personal effects, but also affects the whole family and the surrounding society.

Shouldn't he seek the opinion of sincere people who are his greatest benefactors in the world and who are second to none in being selfless and selfless? Should the society still appreciate this decision, even if it is against the established values ​​and it has to pay a heavy price for this solitary flight, if it does not heed his suggestion and then takes action on its own?

The opinion of the guardian should also be taken into consideration because the girl is bound in an everlasting chain of relationships. She needs a family even after marriage. It is not necessary for her marital life to be successful, if the relationship fails God willing then in case of family she has shelter. On the other hand, girls who make their own decisions are completely at the mercy of their husbands because they are deprived of the support of the family and if the husband does not do well then the result is either divorce or She has to endure the eternal torment of marriage.


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