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Election of Punjab Chief Minister, Deputy Speaker attacked with loot, slapped,

Election of Punjab Chief Minister, Deputy Speaker attacked with loot, slapped, hair plucked

Who will be the Chief Minister of Punjab? Pervez Elahi or Hamza Shahbaz, this is going to be decided today

Before the Punjab Assembly session began, PTI members attacked Deputy Speaker Dost Muhammad Mazari, robbed him and slapped him.

 After the commotion, plainclothes policemen entered the Punjab Assembly building to control the situation.

 Earlier, bells were rung to call members of the Punjab Assembly for the session, which was scheduled to begin at 11:30 am.

 Government candidate Pervez Elahi and United Opposition candidate Hamza Shahbaz are also present in the assembly.

 There are currently more than 100 members on the opposition benches.

PTI women members brought back

There was a commotion in the Punjab Assembly.

 Members of the House started waving and waving and shouting slogans of looting inside the Assembly Hall.

 Opposition members started chanting slogans in the Punjab Assembly.

Letter of the Secretary Assembly to the Deputy Speaker

The Secretary Assembly wrote a letter to the Deputy Speaker stating that guests should not be allowed to enter the Speaker's Gallery. Anyone can enter the House by jumping.

 The letter said that the earlier decisions regarding security should be implemented, adding that 10 guests were allowed to accompany any political party.

 The letter from the Secretary General states that you have sent a list of 200 people, with more guests there is a risk of fighting.

Members of the opposition coalition reached the assembly in buses

Opposition alliance buses reached the assembly from a private hotel. PML-N leader and chief ministerial candidate Hamza Shahbaz also reached the assembly by bus.

 Members' attendance was checked before boarding the buses.

 PPP members of the provincial assembly have reached the assembly in their vehicles.

Slogans of PTI women members

PTI women MLAs reach Punjab Assembly, chanting slogans in favor of their leaders and candidates

Bazdar's assembly arrival

Former Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar will also reach the Punjab Assembly, he will also vote for the election of the Chief Minister.

 Usman Bazdar will hold meetings with members of the Punjab Assembly.

Yasmeen Rashid and Murad Ras also arrived

Former provincial ministers Dr Yasmeen Rashid and Murad Ras reached the Punjab Assembly.

 Talking to media on the occasion, Murad Ras said that there is a big difference between National Assembly and Provincial Assembly, the numbers are perfect, our candidate will be successful.

Election will be clean and transparent: Dost Muhammad Mazari

Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly Dost Mohammad Mazari has said that the election for the Chief Ministership of Punjab will be fair and transparent.

 Dost Muhammad Mazari reached the Punjab Assembly. Talking to the media on the occasion, he said that if anyone thinks that the atmosphere of the assembly is to be spoiled, then I should not allow pressure to take over.

 He said that both the parties in the House would try to delay the election for the Chief Ministership of Punjab.

 Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly said that the election will be held today, the result will be announced today, every effort will be made to hold the election in a good manner.

 Dost Mohammad Mazari also told the media that he appeared before a two-member bench of the court yesterday.

Pervez Elahi reached the assembly

Punjab Chief Ministerial candidate Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi reached Punjab Assembly.

 Speaking to the media on the occasion, he said, "I am not a custodian today. I am a candidate for the Chief Minister's post. Time will tell whether the Deputy Speaker is honest or not."

 He said that he would try to make the election of the Chief Minister transparent. Whose intention is bad will be revealed today. There are doubts about transparent election.

 Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi says that they will try to make the election transparent, but the intentions are not transparent. Today it will be known who is the custodian and what is his attitude.

 He said that the time and circumstances around him were not of good intentions. If there were consequences of injustice then who would accept it.

Media blocked first, permission later

On this occasion, the media representatives were first barred from entering the Punjab Assembly. However, after the media representatives contacted the higher authorities, the media was allowed coverage, after which the media representatives reached the media camp in the Punjab Assembly.

Claims of Hamza Shahbaz and Pervez Elahi

Hamza Shahbaz is the candidate of PML-N and allied parties while Pervez Elahi has the support of PTI along with his party PML-Q.

 Pervez Elahi has claimed the support of 189 members while Hamza Shahbaz Sharif has claimed the support of more than 200 members of the Assembly.

 Hamza Shahbaz says that he has the support of angry group of PTI and PPP

Party position in the Punjab Assembly

The Punjab Assembly has 371 members, while 186 votes are required to become the Chief Minister of Punjab.

 In the current assembly, PTI has 183 members, PML-N has 166 members, PML-Q has 10 members and PPP has 7 members.

 There are currently four independent members in the House, while Rah-e-Haq is one member of the party.

 Sources said that the number of angry members of PTI is 21, 5 members of PML-N are angry with their party, while Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan will not participate in voting.

Assembly security tightened

Acting CCPO Lahore Prince Sultan said that full security would be provided to the members coming to the assembly.

 He said that the implementation of section 144 would be ensured within the limits set by the Punjab Assembly.

 Acting CCPO Lahore Prince Sultan further said that no unauthorized person or vehicle would be allowed to enter the assembly premises.

 He also said that more than 2,000 youths, including officers, were deployed for the security of the assembly


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