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Did America need a conspiracy?

Did America need a conspiracy?

The pain of the late Hutu being removed from power or hanged is not as great for his family or party workers as it is for one of our former cricketers and national leaders these days.

 It is said that the United States conspired to remove Bhutto from the government and then hanged Mir Jaffers and thieves. I don't know who they mean by Mir Jafar and thieves. The relatives of the deceased still call it a judicial murder. No one else was as aware of the American conspiracy as the late Benazir Bhutto's daughter.

 The fact can be seen in the party record that Mrs. Bibi not only stopped her angry workers from desecrating American flags but also stopped chanting anti-American slogans.

 No matter how much we may criticize Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto while disagreeing with him, his political significance and identity cannot be denied except for a person who has spent his whole life in sports and his political role is nothing but a slap in the face of the powerful. If nothing else, she is surprised to see such high-sounding claims.

 According to Dr. Asad Majeed, the alleged letter which is being made so much fuss, such a cable is not unusual or surprising in diplomacy. As for the US conspiracy, the DG ISPR in his recent press conference has openly stated that the word "conspiracy" is not even mentioned in the statement of the National Security Committee. Can also be demarcated. He also clarified the address of Absolutely Not, saying that no such demand had come from the Americans. Even if he did, we would have the same answer
There are also Hippocrates who do not understand the difference between conspiracy and intervention, although conspiracy is a kind of planning, while intervention can be called good or bad.

 For example, if Pakistan issues a statement against the atrocities being perpetrated on Muslims in Occupied Kashmir, then India may say that Pakistan is interfering in our internal affairs but if Pakistan oppresses the oppressed Muslims with Indian oppression. If there is a plan to get rid of it, then India can call it a conspiracy against itself.

 In the wake of the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, the United States has given India a good deal of open talk on trade relations with Russia, which goes far beyond our diplomatic correspondence. Is Joe Biden plotting to overthrow his government? Who will be America's biggest ally, Israel or Saudi Arabia? One hundred and one examples can be given. Proving oneself to be a world-class leader or mastermind by combining such links is nothing but an attempt to gain cheap political fame.

 Did the US tell you to make long and wide claims and promises and then stick to it?

 Did the United States say that its incompetence drowned its economy and plunged its nation into a tsunami of inflation?

 Did the US say that with its slander, dissolve the poison of hatred in the national politics and when the no-confidence motion arises, then beg for protection from the powerful, if not, then spread dirty propaganda against the powerful? Anyone who does not know that if a no-confidence motion is passed, it is a constitutional requirement that a referendum be held on it within seven days. 

 What is the right to be a Brahmin?

Sir, you must continue your non-parliamentary rhetoric and then be ready to suffer the consequences, but avoid wearing the cloak of oppression in the days to come.

 Calling other national politicians thieves and presenting himself as Mahatma, just take a look at your "accomplishments" the details of which are soon to come before the nation.

 What was the need for an American conspiracy to spread such hatred in national politics? God willing, who could be your enemy more than you? In the next column, the scene of the disintegration of the party after its dissolution is left


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